About The Words

Too much definition can kill any semblance of personal input from the reader. The irony of course being that as a writer I always wish for the intended purpose to be clear as day. It was a wise junkie that clued me in to the fact that people will find their own conclusions, regardless of the road signs that you plaster.

So instead I’ll simply put forward the three main bullet points you’ll encounter in my own little slice of the digital world—You can take it from there.


It began as a personal challenge to myself, the stringent possibility that a picture can spawn a thousand words, with an extra for good measure. It began as a novelty, but quickly spiralled into a challenge of constraint. To filter through the noise and find the succinct story behind the pixels. 


The constant and unabashed pursuit of finding the shades of a city that define them from the rest, small stories and bigger ideals wrapped in the creamy nougat centre of the streets I’ve been lucky to trounce through. 


More or less, Hindsight pieces are the ones where my mind wanders more than the body. Trivial starting points and odd conclusions litter this particular category. This is where I go to mentally wander through the fields of true weirdness and stream-of-consciousness.