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Boots Of Spanish Leather II

My Girona Part One Found Here. Morning Rituals The rain was still dripping off my clothes as I silently squeaked through the still halls as I began the morning ritual. Eighteen months of living in a hostel does come with it some advantages in… Continue Reading “Boots Of Spanish Leather II”

Amsterdam – The City of Substance & Lack of Abuse

June 2016 It was a sticky afternoon at Schipol airport when the tyres touched down on the tarmac. As Lady Stardust and I walked past the stewardess who nodded politely at the door I had the sudden jolt of excitement that is usually only… Continue Reading “Amsterdam – The City of Substance & Lack of Abuse”

We’ll Always Have Paris

Faulty Towers Pt I August 2016 On our final day in Paris we had decided to watch yet another film in the only escape pod on planet earth, the cinema. From our count, in the exact 3 months since we had started our journey… Continue Reading “We’ll Always Have Paris”

Berlin Begins

Never Accept the ‘Gifts’ September 2016 Berlin Berlin, it doesn’t have the same ring to it as New York, it’s not the skyscraper laden symbol of architectural beauty— but like any person your mum tries to set you up with as a teenager, it… Continue Reading “Berlin Begins”

Boots Of Spanish Leather I

The Barcelona Baptism First Steps Ah, there it is. I collapsed in the torn up bus seat with the smell of bourbon still tracing my final hours of farewells. My stomach was churning the collective week of mayhem and puzzle piece memories… I imagined… Continue Reading “Boots Of Spanish Leather I”