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Road to Sziget – A Brief Prologue

“The highs and lows eventually culminated into a week of true detachment from the depressing reality of a cannibalistic world, and into the main vein of Neverland.”

Berlin Begins

Never Accept the ‘Gifts’ September 2016 Berlin Berlin, it doesn’t have the same ring to it as New York, it’s not the skyscraper laden symbol of architectural beauty— but like any person your mum tries to set you up with as a teenager, it… Continue Reading “Berlin Begins”

Funding a Culture For Roadside Prophets

“We sat there for a while and silently nodded our heads with the music, although it could’ve been the Czech beer doing most of the nodding, you couldn’t help but notice the immovable proud smile that was across his face as his lyrics vibrated into the stratosphere.”