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A Boy At Home

Edmonton was certainly not to be found in any sane tourists itinerary. The north London overground station of Edmonton Green was home to the debauchery elite, and the Tottenham Hotspurs (Come on you Spurs). The White Horse stood on the edge of the high… Continue Reading “A Boy At Home”

A Night At The Cirque

“The show started at 7:30!”  Lulus words were strained through exhausted pipes and met with coughs all around as we boosted toward the grandly lit entrance of Royal Albert Hall. It was sometime after 7:30. The hall was a crown jewel in any performance… Continue Reading “A Night At The Cirque”

The Void

2018 The allure of release, A loathing of peace. Detach your mind  Let the reigns fall, Answer the instincts’ beckoned call. Staring through a darkened night, I call your flicker  To spark my sight. ————————— I’ve met a fair few travellers on this road,… Continue Reading “The Void”