The Writing


It began as a personal challenge to myself, the stringent possibility that a picture can spawn a thousand words, with an extra for good measure. It began as a novelty, but quickly spiralled into a challenge of constraint. To filter through the noise and find the succinct story behind the pixels. 


The constant and unabashed pursuit of finding the shades of a city that define them from the rest, small stories and bigger ideals wrapped in the creamy nougat centre of the streets I’ve been lucky to trounce through. 


More or less, Hindsight pieces are the ones where my mind wanders more than the body. Trivial starting points and odd conclusions litter this particular category. This is where I go to mentally wander through the fields of true weirdness and stream-of-consciousness. 


In their natural state.

Don’t Look Back In Anger

There’s a beautiful and bittersweet moment that exists when the credits roll. The lights of the cinema begin pulling everyone collectively back from their own journey, back to the confusing and stormy present. One by one, the audience members stand and slowly depart the Cinegogue, quickly reverting back to regularly scheduled programming. There’s an undeniable […]

This Too, Shall Pass

 Seven days later, well here we are. While I was reflecting on the week gone by of insomnia sweats and cigarettes, a constant made itself apparent to me about the memories I treasure and hold close from years gone by. A recurring memory that hasn’t changed throughout the years as I have.    The road […]

Boots Of Spanish Leather II

My Girona Part One Found Here. Morning Rituals The rain was still dripping off my clothes as I silently squeaked through the still halls as I began the morning ritual. Eighteen months of living in a hostel does come with it some advantages in unexpected manners, for instance when it comes to moving silently in […]

Wide Awake

The elephant in the room can’t be avoided forever. What can I say that hasn’t already been said by countless others about the beast that’s lurking across all borders. In lieu of a story tonight, I’m going to let the mind go for a wander this time, the brain is a little fried this evening, […]


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a little about me

2021 Update…

Been working in a job as a ‘writer’ for quite some time now, using the site as a personal scale.

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